IN THE  RIVER 
                                                       IN THE  LAKE
                                                                        IN THE AREA
                                                       of   LADONAS
                                             The Ladonas basin                                       surfing in the lake of  Ladonas
                                The courses of sports are depicted on the map according to the following signs:
      ______      courses of climbing , walking , cycling
    ______      course of rafting
    ______      course of approaching the course of rafting by car
    ______      course of rowing in the lake
   The basic course of climbing is the ascent of Aphrodisio mountain at an altitude of 1447 m.

 Daphne-Monastery of Evangelistria-Naseiko Mountain -Vesini-Temple of Aphrodite(Saint Peter)-
Dehouni-N. Paos - Skoupi - Hovoli- Pephko- Amigdalia - Skotani - Kalivia of Skotani- Metohi-Smixi of Ladonas-Haliki of Ladonas - Daphne.(The part Dehouni - N. Paos -Skoupi - Hovoli  may be replaced by the course Dehouni -Sires - Alestena - Ano Hovoli - Hovoli)
   The courses of cycling are:
1.Daphne - Xirokaritena - Podogora- Podogorino- Ladonas- Metohi - Petreoi -Daphne.
2.Daphne - Naseiko-Pepeliani - Kalatha -Hovoli - Pephko-Amigdalia - Skotani- Kalivia of Skotani -Metohi _Likotripes- Pigadi(Petreoi)- Tristeno-Ambelia- Daphne.

   The course of raftin and canoe-kayak  starts at Fileiko (9 Km) or at Smixi (5 Km) and finishes at Podogorino  the place where lake beagins.During rainy periods the course may be extended as the far as the Aroanios  , the Tragos and the Paios(after the insurmountable and dangerons Traphos- here canyoning).Several parts of the lake can also constitute the finishing line of the descent (raftin and canoe-kayak).
   There are places for climbing of different grades of difficulty all over the area
(ey Paliokastro , Traphos , Drakobouni).

The place of aphrodisio Mountain in Vesini is suitable for parachuting(PARAPENTE) having as
a place of landing the basin of New Paos.Tests have been done and it has been found out that the currents of the wind are favourable.

In Daphne- especially in the area of Alistres there are aslo many unexplored caverns for those who are keen on exploring them.

                  the    Nautical Athletic Club of Daphne  

constitures an athletic entity which aims at promoting some of the already mentioned Sports through their better set-up and organisation. 
            Its ambition  
                          is to become a pivot of development through  
                                                                      its athletic contribution.