The majority of people is enganged with cattle-rearing-there are 90 flocks and 8000 sheep and goats and their products -milk and meat-are panhellinically characterised as top quality doods.
The wall-nuts , origon , chamomile , pork at free grass , chickens at free grass , raki as well , as the honey (vanilla of Menalo type) of the area are of excellent quality.

 The "modern  fish-market" of  Daphne with fish from  river-lake

     Daphne is connected with Patras and Tropoli  by the 111 national road and with Kalavrita by a  good  provincial  road.
It is also connected with the Ladonas lock by another road . 
It is of course at the end of the province of Kalavrita but
in the center of Peloponnese.
It is only 2.5 hours far from the Capital , 1.5 hours from Patras
,Nauplio , Mycenae , Epidaurous , Sparti , Korinthos
less than an hours from Kalavrita , Olympia , Vitina , Dimitsana
and 2 hours from every end of Peloponnese.
    Daphne offers
a clean , beautiful anvironment , clean atmosphere , fresh water , excellent dry climate , beautiful horizon with pleuty of ridges to gare at  , traditional colour , pleuty of beautiful landscapes 
for excursions.
Based on these and  the top-quality local goods , Daphne constitutes an
ideal place for visit , stay and rest.
The Ladonas ( and its tributaries Paios , Aroanios and Tragos ) is suitable for descent (canoe-kayak) especially for beginners and small children , due
to its calm current , walking swimming , and fishing.


There are also places suitable for climbing , cycling , riding.
However , there are no organised facilities. The visits are made by 
groups of alternative tourism and individual lovers of river sports. 
The river is 3 kilometres far from the village.The area has wild boars that water themselves in the river it is suitable for hunting for experienced hunters as well.
The lake of  Ladonas is suitable for rowing , wind-surfing , fishing
boating and musing. Organised facilities do not exist. 
It is 4 to 12 kilometres far from Daphne.

   The road leading to the monastery of Evangelistria is a passable east-road 
and the place is suitable for religions vision through the elevation of mind 
which the peaceful and imposing nature offers. 
In Daphne there is a hotel of 18 beads (Mrs Dina Bousiouti tel 26920-71217) ,
a restaurant (Mr Nikos vobiris tel 26920-71266) , grill-houses (Mr Giannis Doufexis tel 26920-71369 , Mr Andreas Theodoropoulos tel 26920-71005 , Mrs Kanela Begou at the lake) , a super market , a bakery , a gass station , butcher's shops , discos , bars and traditional coffe shops
Food and several services exist in small neighbouring villages 
Hovoli , Podogora , Pefko , as well as the modern village New Paos.
The first weekend after the 15th of August constitutes a cultural three-day period and a trade-fair place from 8th to 10 th September.
There's a medical center(tel 26920-71204), a police station ,(tel 26920-71202) 
, a post office for exchange of currency (tel 26920-71216) and thre taxis.
The Town Hall provides informationobout all the above(tel 26920-71201).

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