This region ,  belonged to ancient Arcadia and to the state of ancient Klitor too.

                                         the circular wall                                     track of ancient  temple
There were ancient cities; Nasi , Skotani , Argeathae , Likoudes , Paos , Alous ,Orix , and most likely the  Homeric city Enispi , which was an island in the river Ladonas according to an ancient Arkadian tradition. 

Strezova as a place-name and as a settlement  is attributed to the Slavs who came to area in thw 7th century A.D. , found the place that consists of a large forest of oaktrees and pastures ( this is  what the word Strezova means) empty and took to this place in order to survive.
The native population of the resently destroyed ancient cities and settlements situated near the Ladonas , decreased , persecuted and scattered in the mountains , fields and pastures did not clash with the uninvited strangers( due to Theodosius' p licy which destroyyed the ancient temples and banned the worship in groups-the basic connecting factor of the mountaineers-Alarichos' raids and the epidemics of the time).
However , when the intruders became a menace for the central authority of Byzantium due to their attack against Patras , they were persecuted or Hellenized violeuntly by means of harsh laws and enactments. 

It was the time when the already Christianized Greek element of the area got the opportunity of rallyng around settlements again. Because the area of Strezova is isolated and in accessible, it always reseived persecutent mainly Greek element coming from the flat areas of Elia, Argolida, Messinia, even that of Attica.This phenomenon took place to a large extent during all the great upheavals of  history (rainds strangers , famines , epidemics , clashes among Byzautines , Franks , Turks , Venets , Orlophic facts and others).

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