Strezova first appears in a written source in the french chronicle of Mores in 1265 AD under the name Enstransses , where there is a reference of the allontment of half of its part as belonging to the manor of Kerpine (Gortinia) 
, which belonged to the barony of Akova , Mrs Margarita of  Passava.  
 It was then , when the so-called "bridge of kira" was built in the Ladonas in order to connect the north past of the manor (Strezova) with the south past of the manor (Kerpine).  
 Around that time and probably a little earlier in 1205 AD the second castle (todays Paliocastro) must have been built in the area of Drimona of Strezova. Another Frankish castle( which also has the name Paliokastro today) must have been built above Daphne in the area of Kofinia during the same period of time , but it might have belonged to the barony of  Kalavrita , because the latter is situated in a different area from the former.  
 According to the historiographer French Buchon this castle had the name Strezza 
 Around the 13th century the Monastery of Evangelistria has built above Strezova
  the Almighry
          monastery  of   Evangelistria                                         the seal of monastery
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