, most of  the laud came to this monastery , due to the privileges of  monasteries during the Turkish domination and the village and the monastery ran parallel courses. 
Strezova , together with the whole province of Kalavrita came to the Turkish domination in 1458 A.D. . 
Strezova had 58 families and 273 people according to the census conducted under the Venetian domination in 1700 A.D.. 
Of course , a census of that time provides results that are less than half the actual population , due to the fact that most of the  population lived outside the village in settlements because people occupied themselves with agriculture and cattle-rearing , there were no register mechanisms , the fear of the imposition of polltaxes was evident and people were unaware or indifferent to birth registrations.
   first flag of 
   Since then Strezova appears constantly in written sources (Kanelos Deligiannis , Geneos Kolokotronis) and more often during the Greek Revolution of 1821 , when it played a significant role by offering Military forces and supplies just like the whole province of Kalavrita. 
  It took part with 92 men under the leadership of the chieftain Pitsounas in the first victorious battle of  Levidi. 
 Well-known fighters were Mavrogiorgis -who took part in all great battles of area , Captain Giorgaros , Papanastasis Sakelariou , Papastathis Dimitrakopoulos who was killed in Trikorfa together with the aslo Strezovian Giannakis Kottas.
  The village coutributed by offering food and supplies , for Strezova characterised as the granary of central Peloponnese. 
 Besides that , the village as well as the monastery were ravaged and burnt  to a large extent due to the fact that many Strezovians , under the leadership of captain Giorgaros from Zagoritsa (a settlement of Strezova) , did not kowtow to Imbraim and fought in battle against his effort to invade the village. 
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