There are many reliics of settlements  (buildings , graveyards) of Ancient , Byzantine , Frankish and Turkish periods in the area of Daphne , such as in the area of Paliokatouna (graveyard , coins ; there is a reference to that by the English researcher Leake in 1805 for ancient sity) , Petreoi (there are graveyards and obvius traces of buildings made of  blocks of stones) , Tristeno , Roumaneika (similar traces) , Agrelia(graveyards and coins of the period of Dimitrios the Besieger were found there) , Smixi(there were stone pillars that have been buried as well as an arm of a statue , graveyard , vases , ceramics) and others. 

    In 1928 Strezova was renamed  Daphne after Ladonas' daughter known from the myth that took place between her and Apollo on the bank of the Ladonas. 
There are many references of mythology to the river Ladonas.This is where the myth of  Levkippos who dressed up as a woman in order to be close to his beloved nymph Daphne (an action which he paid with his life when he was revealed) took place.Here is also the place where Dimitra used to wash her hair , Artemis , the goddess of hunting used to hunt , the goatfooted god Pan used to roam.The latter , when going after the beautiful nymph Syringe approached her and trans formed her to a reed of which he made his well-known pipe , which was named syringe. Here after a successful chase , Hercules caught the deer. In this place , in the beautiful mountains of Soronas -previously referred to as Aphrodisio Mountain , Aphrodite used to meet her Lover , god Mars (today there are ruins of an ancient temple and the baths of  Eurikine Aphrodite). 

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